Integrated Development Environment
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   A browser-based IDE for Arduino development
  • Develop Arduino applications
  • Compile in the cloud, fix build errors
  • Deploy using one of our clients (Windows, iPhone) or avrdude
  • Runs in IE8+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome
'duino development made easy!

Arduino is an amazing platform. It allows both beginners and advanced hobbyists access to microcontroller and real-world interfacing in a way that enables the Maker in all of us. But, it's been tied to a minimal, desktop-based development environment with limited tools and a USB interface for code uploads.

But no more.

wifino is a solution that frees your 'duino. Frees it from the confines of a desktop development application. Frees it from a USB cable. Frees it do you what you want, when you want, where you want.

The wifino IDE features browser-based development, cloud code storage and compilation, wifi firmware deployment, advanced build tools and formatters, compatibility with existing deployment utilities (avrdude).

Arduino Anywhere!

Get started

The wifino IDE is currently in early beta testing. We would love to have more of the community involved at this stage. To use the IDE, create an account on the forum, then PM [tod] to be added to the beta group. Your authentication credentials (username/password) for the IDE and the forum are the same.

We value the input of the community. Join today and let your voice be heard as this exciting evolution of Arduino develops.


wifino is a collection of open-source tools and hardware. Without the years of dedicated development from the Arduino community, a project like this would be impossible.

The creators of wifino would like to acknowledge the influence and use of the following in bringing you our solution: Arduino team, CodeMirror, CodeMirrorUI, PHP, ino, git, clang, WordPress, Simple Machines Forum, and the thousands of people who have given their time to making these things possible.

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